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Sex Dolls For Sale for Limited time, special offer and Flash Sale!
Sex Dolls For Sale for Limited time, special offer and Flash Sale!

WM Dolls

What Are WM Dolls? 

WM Doll is the leading TPE sex doll brand on the market (and one of our best sellers). Many knock-offs exist, but nothing compares to the real thing. You can even verify the authenticity directly on the manufacturers' website to guarantee you have the real deal. 

The company uses TPE, a skin-soft, hypoallergenic material on all their toys. The material is what gives these units their incredibly realistic feeling. 

The company also offers upgrades that'll send thrilling chills down your spine. You can now add mechanisms like body-heating, simulated breathing, and moaning abilities for your toy. And, of course, the WM doll brand leaves the fantasy in your hands with all their appearance customization options. 

How Your WM Doll Can Spice Up Your Life 

Your WM sex doll is at your beck and call. You can use it however your heart desires and let it fulfill your wildest fantasies. We'll mention a few benefits below, but trust us - you need to try it to believe it. 

Feels So Real

The TPE material offers you an incredibly lifelike experience. The toy's skin is silky smooth, and so are all the insides. Plus, the body-safe plastic has a little more give and elasticity than other sex toy materials. In the throes of passion, you'll feel like you're with a real person. 

To bring this realistic experience to new heights, consider the body-heat or recorded moaning add-ons. 

Flexible and Posable

Are you interested in acting out wild, taboo positions you always dream about? Your WM doll is there and eager to help. When you choose the EVO adjustable skeleton, you can indulge in any position you desire. One upgrade even offers articulated hands, so your doll can hold and squeeze you where you'd like. 

Lifelike Appearance

A WM sex doll looks as natural as it feels. Each one is crafted with both beauty and realism in mind. Your WMdoll is sculpted to perfection, and the wide variety of customization options allow you to build your dream partner. 

Your Most Reliable Partner

You don't have to worry about condoms, pregnancy scares, or pulling out when you choose a WM Doll. This toy gives you a continuously available body that you can use in any way you want. What could be better than that?

Practice Makes Perfect

Since the WM Doll is so flexible and realistic, it makes a great tool to practice your sex moves. Erotic experiences with something so lifelike can help you build up personal stamina and also help you perfect your bedroom antics. 

Easy to Clean 

These toys have a simple and quick cleanup process. TPE only requires antibacterial soap, a bit of warm water, and a rag. We recommend having a spray bottle filled with your soapy concoction. Give your doll a little spray shower and gently pat her dry. 

Before storing your toy, make sure it's totally dry. Clean the toy thoroughly after each use, especially you finish inside. TPE is hypoallergenic, but it's also porous. Regular cleanings will prevent any unwanted smells or bacteria.  

Creating the Perfect WM Sex Doll for You

One of the best parts of this brand is you can create exactly what you want from your WM doll. Customization options vary among each model, but you can typically choose different proportions, faces, upgrades, and more. 

Customize Your Doll's Appearance 

WMdoll lets you build your fantasy. When you've found a base model you love, you can tweak appearances to make it even more perfect. 

You can choose different skin tones, like white, tanned, medium, and black. You'll also add smaller details, like eyelash length, pubic hair, or nipple piercings. The proportions are also up to you, letting you choose from different heights and weights depending on the model. You can even determine the feel and size of the breasts. 

Male and Female Options

The WM Doll brand doesn't discriminate - they want everyone to have fun, no matter your sexual preference. 

Male sex dolls are available and feature their own unique customization options. You can select basic features, like skin tone, hairstyle, height, and eye color. But you can also change the penis length and the appearance of the anus. The details and realistic feeling of the male toys are just as incredible as their female counterparts. 

Premium Upgrades 

Do you want to take your pleasure to new heights? Then consider the following upgrades for your WM doll: 

  • Internal body heat: The doll's skin is soft and subtle. But the body heat upgrade will add a delicious amount of warmth, both inside and out. The heat radiates to every orifice, making this a worthwhile addition.
  • Moaning:There's nothing more erotic than hearing your partner. This is sometimes lacking in sex toys, but that's not the case with WM Dolls. Similar to the Irontech doll line, you can opt for the moaning upgrade if you'd like little sexy sounds during your solo session.
  • Simulated breathing: Immerse yourself in the fantasy you're creating with the simulated breathing feature.

Functionality Upgrades

WM dolls are perfect as-is, but those desiring just a little more from their product are in luck. The brand offers unique functionality finishes ensuring you receive the perfect product. 

  • Vaginal inserts:Removable vaginas are easier to maintain the hygiene level of your doll. Make yours last even longer by selecting the insert option.
  • H2O Cyberskin vagina:This special add-on takes on the anatomical form of the inside of a real vagina. Additionally, the special material doesn't require lube. Just a few drops of water will have your doll ready to go.
  • EVO skeleton:The EVO skeleton is slightly more flexible than the regular skeleton and allows the model to hold specific poses over long periods. However, it is not compatible with the body heat premium upgrade.
  • Articulated hands:This will allow your toy to hold and grip things. These hands are jointed and malleable for extra fun.
  • Mouth upgrades:There are three mouth upgrades to choose from - the premium mouth, teeth set, and vampire teeth set. The premium mouth includes a built-in tongue. Mix and match different teeth and tongue designs.
  • Standing feet:If you'd like to try standing positions, then add on the standing feet. This will allow your toy to stay upright and steady while you enjoy your favorite positions.
  • Natural breasts:The natural breast upgrade offers the feeling of genuine, all-natural breasts for extra realism.

Buy Today | See Our WM Dolls for Yourself

Have you ever had this much control over your sex toy? Have you ever been able to decide exactly what it looks and feels like? Most likely not. That's why you need a WM Doll in your life. 

A WM sex doll is made from your desires and bends to your fantasies. Spice up your solo sessions by building your custom WM doll today.